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Supernova & Europa Support

Commonly asked questions:

How do I download my Supernova or Europa to PATGuard 2?
Configuring your Supernova or Europa Plus to work with latest Test n Tag Cartridges - 308A966
How do I set a test sequence for a 230V 4 way surge protected lead, using Supernova / Europa?
How do I set a test sequence for a 230V multi-way lead, using Supernova / Europa?
Supernova Plus / Elite / Europa Plus in-situ testing
Upgrading Supernova / Europa firmware
Changing print density for Kroy Test n Tag Printers
Uploading a logo to Supernova / Europa Tester
How do I download my Seaward Europa into PATGuard 2?
How do I upload to my Supernova from PATGuard 2?
How do I replace a high voltage probe for a Supernova?
How to download a Supernova / Europa into PATGuard 3 software?


Seaward Supernova / Europa Plus training course


Download the latest firmware

Other resources:

Supernova / Europa FAQs booklet
Supernova Elite product page
Europa Plus product page


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