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PATGuard 2 Support

PATGuard 2 has been superseded by PATGaurd 3 and is no longer supported by telephone or email without a valid support contract. We do have a host of free of charge support guides available to you below that will help you with any PATGuard 2 issues you may have.

Alternatively you can upgrade to PATGuard 3 which includes free support.

Please note: Pre PATGuard 2 programs are not compatible with the currently supported Microsoft operating systems and so are not supported at all. We would urge you to download the latest PATGuard 3 software.

Commonly asked questions:


Where can I purchase a PATGuard 2 support contract?
Why has my PATGuard program Expired?
I have the error message “No free licences available”. What do I do?
I have the error message “The licence file was tampered with”. What do I do?
Nothing happens when I press the OK button on the PATGuard 2 login screen?
I have an IDispatch error when downloading my tester into PATGuard. What do I do?
Where is my PATGuard database stored?
I have an error message "Error: Licence recovery error (2) Contact". What do I do?
I have an error message "Licence Software Failure - Software Failure please try reinstalling" but reinstall is not working. What do I do?
PATGuard Software Comparison
Where can I purchase a PATGuard 2 support contract?
At start of PATGuard 2 the following problem has occurred The license file c:\program files\seaward\patguard 2\patguard.lic could not be accessed. What do I do?
Error message in PATGuard: Failed to connect to the database. What do I do?
My licence does no allow for any more instances of PATGuard to run. What do I do?
Is PATGuard 2 compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1?

Installation & Activation

Why is my PATGuard program repeatedly asking for the Unlock Key?
Why is my Serial Number not being accepted?
I’ve lost my PATGuard CD. What do I do?
Why has my online activation failed with error 3014 (date time error)?
Why has my online activation failed when my Internet is working fine?
I’ve lost my PATGuard Serial Number and/or Unlock Code. What do I do?
Activation asking for unlock key
Can I move my PATGuard 2 licence to another PC?
I have forgotten my PATGuard or PowerPlus PC Password / login details. What do I do?
I do not have internet access to activate my PATGuard 2 software. What do I do?

How to

How do I edit my reports in PATGuard?
How can I put a signature into a report or test certificate?
How do I back up my PATGuard database?
How do I change my report titles in PATGuard?
How do I create a PATGuard viewer CD?
How do I create short codes?
How do I export my database to an Excel spreadsheet?
How do I download a PrimeTest 3xx into PATGuard 2?
How do I download a Supernova or Europa into PATGuard 2?
How to upload to the PrimeTest 350 from PATGuard 2?
View the Clare Tester & PATGuard 2 Help sheet?


PATGuard 3 software training course

Other resources:

Software trials
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