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General PAT Testing Questions

Video What is portable appliance testing (PAT testing)?
Application Note How do I choose the right PAT tester?
Application Note Can I, and how do I, test surge protected leads?
Application Note Is it necessary to test IT equipment as well as carry out a ´formal visual inspection´?
Application Note Office IT equipment test periods. What is the frequency of inspection and testing of electrical equipment?
Application Note How do I test a class 1 appliance with no accessible earthed metal parts?
Application Note How do I PAT test equipment that does not display the double insulated symbol?
Application Note Does the 500 V DC test damage IT equipment?
Application Note Should I record the actual test results or is it ok to simply label the appliance after testing?
Application Note How often should I have my PAT tester calibrated?
Application Note What are the requirements for testing newly purchased electrical appliances?
Application Note Can I test an RCD?
Application Note How do I test an appliance with an RCD Plug attached?
Application Note How do I test a surge protected appliance or extension lead?
Application Note Seaward PrimeTest range battery life
Application Note Do I need to Flash Test my appliances?
Application Note With reference to Earth Continuity Testing, does the Code Of Practice say that 25 Amps is the preferred test current?
Application Note Is the 25A test more acccurate for Earth Continuity Testing?
Application Note Is a 200mA test current as good as 25A for the earth continuity test?
Application Note How do I use a PAT Checkbox?
Application Note What is a PAT verification unit?
Video Why do I keep getting a fail on earth continuity when PAT testing?


Training Course Online PAT Training Course

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