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A classic, often imitated, never bettered.

The PrimeTest Series

In the 10 years since we introduced the PrimeTest PAT range, many have tried to replicate its features and usability... well, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Our PrimeTest Series of PAT testers have proven to be very popular over the past decade, this is probably because they are easy to use, provide accurate and reliable earth continuity readings, as well as being light and highly portable.

Whether you are looking for a simple pass fail tester (Primetest 50), a tester that provides test readings (Primetest 100), or a tester with storage for results and downloading (PrimeTest 250+), then the PrimeTest Series has you covered.

Read on to find out more about these testers and the kits that are available, and if you're not sue which one is right for you, you'll find a comparison table further down the page.

Primetest 50 PAT Tester

PrimeTest 50

Easy to use push button operation
Shows simple pass/fail indication
Ideal for basic, low-volume testing

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Primetest 100 PAT Tester

PrimeTest 100

Shows actual test results
Accurate earth continuity testing
Ideal for manually recorded tests

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Primetest 250+ PAT Tester

PrimeTest 250+

Easy label printing with no set-up
Date stamped results
Store 999 appliance records

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PrimeTest Series Overview Videos

To help you understand the differences between each tester in our PrimeTest Series, our PAT expert Richard Slade has created 3 short videos highlighting the features of each of these popular PAT Testers.

If you have any questions about our PrimeTest Series please get in touch, we are always here to help.

Note: Once you have clicked play, please hover over the video and click the box in the bottom right corner to view in full screen mode.

PrimeTest 50

PrimeTest 100

PrimeTest 250 & 250+

Compare the PrimeTest Series

General FeaturesPrimeTest 50PrimeTest 100PrimeTest 250+
On-board memory999 records
Battery/mains operatedBatteryBatteryBattery (requires
mains for PE
current test)
Scanner & printer compatiblePrinter only
(PATMobile app*)
Printer only
(PATMobile app*)
Printer only
Electrical test functionsPrimeTest 50PrimeTest 100PrimeTest 250+
Accurate earth continuity circuitbulletbulletbullet
Mains supply checkbulletbulletbullet
IEC lead testbulletbulletbullet
Earth continuity200mA200mA200mA
Insulation resistance500V500V250V/500V
PE conductor current (earth leakage)230V only
Touch current230V only
Alternative substitute leakagebulletbullet
RCD testbullet
3 phase leakageRequires adaptor
Data transfer featuresPrimeTest 50PrimeTest 100PrimeTest 250+
USB downloadbullet
PC download/uploadDownload only
Remote data transfer via mobile deviceManual entry
(PATMobile app)
Manual entry
(PATMobile app)
Download Datasheet Request a Quote Download Datasheet Request a QuoteDownload Datasheet Request a Quote

PrimeTest Series PAT Testing Kits

PrimeTest 100 PATBag with software

PrimeTest 50/100 PATBag Kit

Online PAT testing training course with exam
30 day free trial of PATGuard Elements software
Durable, purpose-made PATBag with compartments for all of your PAT accessories and labels
110V adaptor
500 pass + 500 fail labels
Seaward Guide to PAT Testing
PAT reference look-up card
PAT logbook
Quick start video guide
PAT Business builder CD-ROM and booklet
Includes PrimeTest PAT tester
PrimeTest 50 PATBag kit part number 345A929
PrimeTest 100 PATBag kit part number 345A925

PrimeTest 50/100 PATBag Kit + software

PrimeTest PATBag Kit + PATGuard Elements software
PrimeTest 50 PATBag kit + software part number 345A930
PrimeTest 100 PATBag kit + software part number 345A926

PrimeTest 250+ Kit with software

PrimeTest 250+ Pro Bundle

Test n Tag Pro printer (serial model)
4 x Test n Tag printer label rolls
PrimeTest checkbox
PATBag carry case
Includes PrimeTest 250+ tester
Part number 403A956

PrimeTest 250+ Pro Bundle + software

Includes PATGuard 3 Elite 1 year licence card
Part number 403A957

PrimeTest 250+ Elements Bundle

PATGuard Elements software
Online PAT training course and exam
1000 Pass labels
100 Fail labels
PrimeTest Checkbox
Cloverleaf adaptor
Guide to PAT testing
PAT logbook
PATBag carry case
Includes PrimeTest 250+ tester
Part number 403A955

PATMobile PAT Testing App

PATMobile PAT testing app
PATMobile makes PAT testing quicker and easier, using our best selling manual PAT testers, the PrimeTest 50 and the PrimeTest 100.
Log results
Tag photos
Export your data
Print labels (print function only available for Android devices)

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(Compatible with Android 4.1 and higher and depends on device capabilities)
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PrimeTest 50

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