PrimeTest 250+

A simple PAT tester with results downloading and label printing

Why you should buy the PrimeTest 250+

  • It has storage for up to 999 test records.
  • Plug and print - features easy label printing with no setup wit the Test n Tag pro printer (serial only).
  • Date stamped results for full traceability.
  • Features a comprehensive range of electrical tests.
  • Perform accurate and reliable earth continuity testing with Seaward's unique zap circuit design.
  • Compatible with PATGuard 3

See the PrimeTest 250+ in action

More about the PrimeTest 250+ PAT tester

The PrimeTest 250+ offers fast and efficient electrical safety testing with label printing and data storage.

Enabling simple, professional and fast PAT testing, this versatile tester features all of the required tests of the IET 4th Edition Code of Practice along with USB download. It is also fully compatible with the Test n Tag Pro serial printer for quick and easy label printing without any setup required – just plug and print.

A Seaward datalogger program is supplied as standard and this along with the single key download feature allows measurement data to be quickly and easily transferred from the PrimeTest 250+ to PC at the press of a button; whilst all records are date stamped for complete traceability.

Electrical test functions of the PrimeTest 250+:
  • Low current earth continuity test guaranteeing accurate measurement
  • Insulation resistance at 250/500V
  • IEC lead test
  • Protective conductor current
  • Touch current
  • 3 Phase leakage current (requires adaptor)
  • Alternative leakage current
  • RCD test (30mA/150mA)
  • Power socket test

Download our FREE Guide to PAT testing

This "How to PAT Test" guide will give you the knowledge to know how to PAT test to the latest IET 4th Edition code of practice.

Key features of the PrimeTest 250+:
  • Very easy to use
  • Plug and print - easy label printing with no setup
  • Date stamped results for full traceability
  • Single key save
  • Single key download
  • Datalogger download software included
  • Store 999 appliance records
  • Industry standard download format
  • Comprehensive range of electrical tests
  • Test 3 phase appliances

PrimeTest 250+ PAT testing kits:

The PrimeTest 250+ is available to buy with a selection of optional accessory bundles to help you get the most out of your tester.

PrimeTest 250+ PAT testing kit
Optional accessory bundles availablePart Number
Pro Bundlebullet Test n Tag Pro printer (serial model)
bullet 4 x Test n Tag printer label rolls
bullet PrimeTest checkbox
bullet PATBag carry case
Includes PrimeTest 250+ tester
Pro Bundle +
PLUS PATGuard 3 software 1yr licence403A957
Elements Bundlebullet PATGuard Elements software
bullet Online PAT training course
bullet 1000 Pass labels
bullet 100 Fail labels
bullet PrimeTest Checkbox
bullet Cloverleaf adaptor
bullet Guide to PAT testing
bullet PAT logbook
bullet PATBag carry case
Includes PrimeTest 250+ tester

Superb software for total traceability

PATGuard 3 PAT Testing Software
PATGuard 3 enables all of the data recorded by the PrimeTest 250+ PAT tester to be managed on a PC, offering total traceability and complete peace of mind by keeping compliance records.

Why choose PATGuard 3?
  • Intuitive user interface for efficiency and ease-of-use.
  • Tag photos to sites, locations, asset IDs and test results.
  • Electrical risk assessment tool quickly determines risk-based retest periods for electrical appliances.
  • Universal risk assessment tool calculates risk score for any workplace hazard.
  • Create a professional viewer CD for read only access to test records for your clients.
  • Generate professional invoices.

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