PATGuard 2
Software Support Contract

If you have purchased PATGuard 2 and would like support on the product (after your initial 30 days free), then we are pleased to offer a PATGuard 2 support contract which includes the following:

  • Telephone and email support during Seaward office hours
  • Initial setup and activation of PATGuard software
  • Download from your Seaward tester into PATGuard
  • Upload to your Seward tester to PATGuard
  • Moving your software to another PC
  • Retrieval of your software program or licence

For more information and pricing for the contract, please complete the form on the right hand side of the page.

Alternatively, you could upgrade to PATGuard 3 software which includes free software support as part of an annual subscription - click here for details.

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