PAT Testing in the Medical Sector


An automated solution for workplace H&S testing, asset management and risk assessment – in the palm of your hand

The Apollo 600 is an all-in-one solution for recording and managing preventative maintenance within any medical environment.

It integrates PAT testing with risk assessment and a built-in camera for visual evidence as well as allowing any user-defined workplace test or inspection to be recorded, such as checks on fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, wash rooms, fire call points, emergency door controls and more!

Ideal for those responsible for test and inspection in the medical sector, this total safety management tool offers complete traceability of results and saves you time by enabling you to combine the recording of all tests and inspections onto one handheld device.

Why choose Apollo 600?

- Saves you time
- Makes easy work of managing any risk assessment or test and inspection data
- Provides true traceability of results, including photographs for visual evidence

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PAT Testing

Super fast and comprehensive PAT testing
Retest frequency calculator
Built-in camera for visual evidence
Barcode data entry & label printing


General Health & Safety

Log all workplace test & inspections
User customisable test sequences
Universal risk assessment tool
Includes fire alarm and emergency lighting site reports


PATGuard 3 Software

Compatible with Apollo 600
Advanced data management and reporting for all health & safety matters
Auto schedule upcoming tests and inspections
Upload data to tester for faster retesting
Network compatible

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Comprehensive PAT Testing

The Apollo 600 provides a comprehensive range of electrical test functions to comply with the latest IET Code of Practice for in-service testing and inspection of electrical equipment.

Handy features such as the built-in risk assessment and retest calculator make testing straightforward and an on-board camera allows visual evidence to be stored against test results.

Record any workplace test or inspection

The Apollo 600 is not just a PAT tester, it allows users to define their own parameters for any workplace test or inspection so that test data from all preventative maintenance regimes can be stored together using a single handheld instrument, offering a single reference point for complete assurance and traceability of results.

Ideal for easily recording and managing:
- PPE checks
- Gas cylinder checks
- Wash room checks
- Emergency door control checks
- Equipment trollies & security cabinets checks
- Fire exit & extinguisher inspections
- Emergency lighting checks
- Legionella testing
- Fire alarm call point checks
...and many more!

Saves you time and money

Designed with speed of use and efficiency in mind; this lightweight battery-powered tester is easy-to-use and combines features such as barcode data entry, label printing, auto scheduling and compatibility with PATGuard 3 asset management software to make health & safety management more efficient, saving on time and resources.

Takes the hassle out of paperwork

For secure data management, Apollo 600 is compatible with the network-enabled PATGuard 3 software program, enabling comprehensive test data to be stored, saved, shared, sorted and analysed easily; reducing the risk of human error and providing time savings. Useful tools such as automatic test scheduling and fast upload of asset history to the Apollo 600 tester further speed up the testing process.

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Want to test medical devices?

If the device you’d like to test holds one of the below symbols, we recommend you use a dedicated medical safety analyser, available from our sister brand, Rigel Medical.

Type B Applied Part
Defibrillation proof type B Applied Part
Type BF Applied Part
Defibrillation proof type BF Applied Part
Type CF Applied Part
Defibrillation proof type CF Applied Part


Case Study

See how the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust use the Apollo 600 PAT tester as part of their preventative maintenance approach and test over 30,000 appliances a year.

Click here to read the full case study



Apollo 600 PAT Tester videos

Apollo promotion video

Using the Apollo 600 camera for any type of workplace inspection

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Need PAT testing advice?

Here at Seaward we have a whole host of useful information available to you:
Guide to PAT Testing
25 years on from Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
350,000 reasons to PAT test – infographic
The impacts of the EAWR 1989 – infographic

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