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Cropico DO5000 Series Comparison
Features DO5000 DO5001 DO5002
True 4 terminal measurement eliminates lead resistance errors
Measuring range from 3 milli ohm to 30 kilo ohm  
Measuring range from 200 milli ohm to 30 kilo ohm    
10 micro ohm resolution    
100 nano ohm resolution
True zero capabilitie
Digital Calibration
Automatic temperature compensation with programmable coefficients
Open circuit lead warning LED
Current range from 10mA to 10A  
Current range from 10 micro Amp to 10mA    
Programmable measuring current 10% to 100% in 1% steps
High Accuracy 0.03%
Fast measuring capability of 50 measurements per second
Programmable High Low Limits with red / green lamps on front panel
Open Circuit voltage limit mode 20mV / 50mV maximum
Measuring current selection +I / -I and Auto average
Data logging with statistical analysis
Cable length calculations
Rechargeable batteries built in    
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