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The Apollo 500+

A High-volume PAT Tester

The NEW Apollo 500+ now comes with improved functionality and accessories, including an external rechargeable battery pack and the ability to scan and print 2D barcodes.

Key features

  • Storage for up to 10,000 records
  • Built in electrical risk assessment tool
  • Point-to-point measurement for fixed appliance testing
  • Ability to print & scan 2D barcodes

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Discover the Apollo+ Series:
Apollo 500+

Why buy the Apollo 500+ PAT tester?

> The Apollo 500+ has a storage for up to 10,000 test records enabling you to store more test result data - this is great for high volume testing, or if you are retesting a large number of appliances on a regular basis.

> Print new 2D barcodes using the Test n Tag Elite 2 printer which enables you to store more test date on a label making retesting even faster.

> The Apollo 500+ has a built in electrical risk assessment tool with suggested retest period calculator which takes out any guess work or the need to look at guidance notes saving you valuable testing time.

> We have introduced an interchangeable rechargeable battery to minimise downtime when you are testing a large number of appliances in one day.

More about the Apollo 500+

The Apollo 500+ is a great value ‘plug and play’ PAT tester with a comprehensive range of tests and advanced data transfer and storage features.

Designed to enable simple, professional and fast PAT testing, with remote data transfer, USB upload/download and a memory to store up to 10,000 complete test sets.

With point-to-point measurement, fast boot-up and a risk-based retest calculator to quickly determine suggested retest periods, the Apollo 500+ is the ideal companion for high-volume testing.

Apollo+ Series PAT Testing Kits

We have a number of kits available for the Apollo+ Series, to help create efficiencies and streamline the way you work. There are two main kits available with different printers, and both are available with and without our PATGuard 3 PAT testing software. Please download our Apollo+ Series datasheet for a full list of kit options and part numbers.

Test n Tag Pro Kit

Test n Tag Pro PAT Testing Kit Kit includes:
Test n Tag Pro Printer
1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
2x Pro labels 25mm
2x Pro labels 75mm
Apollo Kit Carry Case
110V Test Adaptor
Part number: 380A9911

Test n Tag Elite Kit

Test n Tag Elite PAT Testing Kit Kit includes:
Test n Tag Elite 2 Printer
2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
2x Elite durable labels 25mm
2x Elite durable labels 75mm
Apollo Kit Carry Case
110V Test Adaptor
Part number: 380A9912
*Kit part numbers do not include testers.

The New 2D Barcode Scanner & App

Seaward 2D Barcode Scanner

2D Barcode Scanner

We have introduced the ability to print 2D barcodes using the Test n Tag Elite 2 printer. Previous 1D barcodes have allowed PAT professionals to store minimal information about an appliance however with the new 2D barcodes you can store a lot more information which speeds up the retesting process.

The 2D barcode scanner is only compatible with the Apollo 500+ and Apollo 600+ PAT testers when used with the Test n Tag Elite 2 printer. The 2D scanner will still read 1D barcodes when used with the Apollo 400+.

Seaward QR DATA Viewer App

QR DATA Viewer App

The QR DATA Viewer app allows duty holders and maintenance managers to read 2D barcodes on their portable appliances so they can view in-depth last test data. Test information about appliances can be sent directly to an email address so the duty holder or maintenance manager can make the relevant department aware of items that need attention.

(Android version compatible with version 3.2 and higher)

PAT Testing Recording & Reporting Software

PATGuard 3 PAT Testing Software

PATGuard 3

PATGuard 3 is the ultimate PAT testing software with health and safety reporting. Not only does it offer fast and comprehensive record management, but it also gives you the ability to record any workplace test or inspection, auto schedule next tests, and create invoices & reports for clients.

Click on the link below to find out more and to Download your 30 day free trial today.

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Apollo 500+ Firmware Update

Apollo+ Series Firmware Update

Great news!

If you're already an Apollo 500 user (Not the new Apollo 500+), you can update your firmware to the latest version 4.0.5. where you'll be able to benefit from all of the new functionality including, QR code printing with Test n Tag Elite 2 printer, 2D barcode scanner compatibility, power socket test for testing wall sockets, pass/fail results filtering, better bluetooth connectivity, item delete function from lists and more. Just choose your firmware from the list below and follow the instructions in the .pdf to update.

Click here to download update instructions

Apollo 500+ Firmware (version 4.0.5 - released 4/4/18)

Download Firmware

Other Apollo+ Series Testers

Apollo 400+ PAT Tester

Apollo 400+ PAT Tester

Store up to 2,000 appliance records
Printer Compatible
Point to point measurment (Rpe & IR) - needs optional accessory
25 User configurable electrical test/visual inspections sequences

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Apollo 600+ PAT Tester

Apollo 600+ PAT Tester

Store up to 50,000 appliance records & 2,000 visual inspection images
On-board camera with flash
Point to point measurment (Rpe & IR)
Additional health and safety certificates

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