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Seaward provides a number of documents and files as a resource.

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CAUTION - The firmware updates available here may not be suitable for AUS/NZ customers, please contact your local supplier.

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File Type Notes Date Added Last Modified
Apollo Firmware Update .pdf 04/09/2013 04/09/2013
Clare Firmware Update Tool .zip Clare Firmware Update Tool 14/01/2015 14/01/2015
Cropico DO7 Plus Firmware V1.4 .exe 16/03/2012 18/01/2013
Desk Test n Tag Firmware Utility .exe 16/02/2011 15/05/2015
Europa Plus Firmware Update 28N .exe 18/04/2013 08/05/2014
HAL Results Download Utility .exe 08/07/2013 13/04/2016
HAL Series Firmware .exe  HAL Series Firmware update 05/04/2016 05/04/2016
PowerPlus 1557 Firmware 1.08 .exe 17/02/2011 18/01/2013
PrimeTest 300 Firmware Update 3.46 (excl AUS/NZ) .exe 28/11/2011 11/12/2013
PrimeTest 350 Firmware Update 3.69 (excl AUS/NZ) .zip 09/03/2011 04/02/2016
PrimeTest 350 Firmware Utilities .exe PrimeTest 350 Software Utilities 01/04/2011 16/08/2013
Supernova Eilte Firmware Update 29C .exe 07/02/2011 16/04/2013
Supernova Plus Firmware Update 28N .exe 18/04/2013 08/05/2014
Supernova/Europa Firmware Update Utility .exe 15/10/2012 18/01/2013
Supernova/Europa Logo Transfer Utility .exe 15/10/2012 17/07/2013