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Cropico RM6N Series

Compact 6 decade resistance box with wide range

  • 6 Decades
  • Range 1Ω to 100MΩ
  • Accuracy 1%
Cropico RM6N Series

Cropico RM6N Series

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RM6N, RM6 N2, RM6 N3 Resistance Decade Total Resistance 11.1111Megohm, Resolution 10Ohms

The RM6-N is a space and cost-saving 6 decade resistance box . 3 models are available covering the range 1ohm to 111.111 Megohm. An additional 1kohm resistor is available at the terminals enabling the user to make a simple divider. The RM6-N incorporates 0.6 watt metal film resistors with a specified accuracy of ±1%.

The RM6-Ns constitute an ideal tool for use in all electrical and electronic laboratories or workshop environment offering a wide range of values with minimum cost.

Cropico RM6N Series
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Technical specification


Decade RM6N RM6 N2 RM6 N3
10 x 1ohm    
10 x 10ohm  ✓  
10 x 100ohm  ✓
10 x 1kohm
10 x 10kohm
10 x 100kohm
10 x 1Mohm  
10 x 10Mohm    


Range 11.1111Megohm in steps of 10ohm
Maximum Continuous Working Voltage 70Vdc / 33vrms
Resistors Metal film 0.4W at 70°C.
Temperature Co-efficient: ±100 ppm / °C
Terminals  Insulated will accept 4mm banana plugs and spade tags
Switches Contacts silver plated brass. Contact resistance 10milliohm. Positive click mechanism. Insulation 50,000Mohm
Residual Resistance <0.1ohm
Case Polished hardwood with aluminium top panel
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