Cropico CM5N

5 decade capacitance compensation box to compliment the RM6-N decade resistance box

  • Range 100 pF to 11.111 uF. 5% Accuracy.
  • Residual Capacitance 30 pF at zero setting.
  • 5% Accuracy.
Cropico CM5N

Cropico CM5N

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CM5N Capacitance Decades Total Capacitance 11.111 microfarad, Resolution 100pF

A five decade capacitance box to compliment the RM6N range of resistance decades. Styled in the same ergonomic desk type case, the CM5N is a useful addition to any laboratory, as well as for industrial and educational use. A useful feature of this unit is the residual capacitance being compensated for on the 10 x 100pF and 10 x 1nF dials so that the actual value of the dial setting appears at the terminals.

Cropico CM5N
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Technical specification

Decade Accuracy
10 x 100pF ± 5%
10 x 1nF ± 5%
10 x 10nF ± 5%
10 x 100nF ± 5%
10 x 1uF ± 5%


Capacitance Range 11.111uF in 100pF steps
Max Continuous Working Voltage 70Vdc / 33vrms
Switches Contacts silver plated brass. Contact resistance 10mW. Positive click mechanism. Insulation 50,000 Megohm.
Residual Capacitance dials set at zero: 35pF Max
Accuracy: ±5%
Connection: 4mm terminals
Case High impact polystyrene anthracite grey RAL 7016
Size 190 x 140 x 100 mm
Weight 0.8kg






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