EV100 EVSE Tester

The EV100 is a comprehensive EV charge point tester

  • Simulate vehicle faults
  • Test mains supply and earthing
  • Test operation of RCD
  • Capture full PWM information
  • Transfer test data back to the office instantly using the free EVSEMobile app


EV100 EV Charge Point Tester

EV100 EV Charge Point Tester

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With the world’s electric vehicle sector growing rapidly in response to the need for low carbon transportation solutions, there is an increased need to ensure the charging infrastructure is operating efficiently and safely.

The EV100 is an all-in-one test and diagnostic tool, designed to ensure that all types of AC electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) are operating correctly and safely, in accordance with IEC 61851, both at the time of installation and as part of an ongoing periodic maintenance regime.

The EV100 is an all-in-one test and diagnostic tool, designed to help EVSE technicians:
Diagnose EVSE faults
Reduce service time and costs
Provide traceable proof of testing
Ensure maximum uptime of EVSE networks
Carry out comprehensive commissioning and periodic testing
Transfer test data back to the office instantly using the free PVMobile app

The simple user interface makes it fast and effortless to perform a comprehensive set of measurements at the press of a button, including output voltage, maximum available charging current, insulation resistance, earth loop impedance and RCD trip time.

The EV100 is also able to simulate a number of vehicle faults, and automatically store the EVSE fault response including the disconnection time and the amplitude, frequency and duty cycle of the PWM communication between the EVSE and simulated EV.

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Whilst a basic set of measurements is clearly shown on the EV100 display, a much more comprehensive set of diagnostic data is stored in the EV100’s internal memory.

For fast and instant fault diagnosis, the technician in the field can use contactless NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity to easily transfer all test results and measured data from the EV100 to an Android app running on a portable device such as a tablet or smart phone. The technical data can then be emailed directly back to the office for immediate analysis by an engineer, or for administration and record management purposes.

EVSE maintenance checks and fault finding is faster, simpler and more cost-effective than ever before with the EV100 from Seaward.


The EV100 has been tested for compatibility with the following EVSE types: AV Aerovironment, Bosch, Chargemaster - Ecodrive / Homecharge, ChargePoint, Clipper Creek, DBT - GNS / GNS 2.2, Eaton, Efacec - QC 45 Fast Charge, Elektromotive - Chargepost / Elektrobay, GE, ICU - EVe, Keba, Podpoint - PP1000, Rolec - Wallpod / Autocharger / Securicharger, SemaConnect

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EVSEMobile app

Get more from the EV100 with EVSEMobile App

The easy-to-use EVSEMobile Android app enables complete test and diagnostic data to be transferred from the EV100 to an Android device using NFC technology. The comprehensive test and diagnostic data can be viewed on the device, or exported as CSV and emailed back to the office for fast and efficient fault diagnosis.

EVSEMobile also produces professional looking PDF test certificates which can be sent to clients or stored for future reference.

Using the EV100 with the EVSEMobile app enables you to get to the root of the problem quickly, saving you time and ensuring minimum downtime of the EVSE.

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(Compatible with Android 4.0 and higher and depends on device capabilities)
Fast and comprehensive EVSE testing

Fast and comprehensive EVSE testing

The EV100 can simulate all of the commonly used charging cable ratings to quickly and easily verify the correct response from the EVSE (Types 1 and 2).

No other test instruments or vehicle simulators are required. Everything you need to perform testing is included.

Wirelessly send data back to base for immediate analysis

Remote diagnosis of problems is made easy with the ability to wirelessly transfer a comprehensive range of electrical tests and full PWM analysis back to the office from the field using the EVSEMobile app.

A skilled diagnostic engineer, back at the office, can diagnose problems and instruct the technician in the field, without having to leave the desk.
Wirelessly send data back to base for immediate analysis

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Fuss-free and all-in-one testing solution

Fuss-free and all-in-one testing solution

The EV100 is the only test instrument that can confirm correct mains supply and earthing on single or three phase systems without the need for additional equipment or to disassemble the charge point to access internal conductors.

It will also measure the trip time of the EVSE RCD. A single trip time measurement at rated RCD current is possible or alternatively, a test sequence can be used to check the RCD at half rated current, rated current and 5 times rated current.

Reduce the risk of electric shock to EVSE users

EVSE charging cables are vulnerable to damage and this may present a risk of injury to the EVSE user. The EV100 tests the insulation of charging cables, providing peace of mind to EVSE installers, operators and manufacturers that risk of electric shock is reduced.
Reduce the risk of electric shock to EVSE users

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Capture full PWM information

Capture full PWM information

The EV100 performs a full analysis of the PWM signal (the method of communication between the EVSE and EV) and records the voltage levels, frequency and duty cycle.

PWM data is used to display the maximum available charging current. Full PWM data can be transferred to the Android App to provide a useful diagnostic tool in cases where the EVSE is not operating correctly.

Full analysis of EVSE fault response

The EV100 checks that the EVSE responds correctly to faults within an EV and safely terminates the charging process when required. The time taken for the EVSE to respond to the various fault conditions is recorded within the EV100's on-board memory and can be downloaded into the Android App and sent back to base with the touch of a button.
Full analysis of EVSE fault response

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Check EVSE ventilation systems

Check EVSE ventilation systems

Some EVs are fitted with batteries that require ventilation during charging. The EV100 simulates this type of vehicle and is able to quickly verify that the ventilation systems controlled by the EVSE are operating correctly, and that an EVSE which is not equipped with a ventilation system will not attempt to deliver charge if the EV requires ventilation.

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EV100 EV Charge Point Tester
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Technical Specification (EV100 - non USA)

Supply voltage measurement

Display range 0.0V – 300V AC
Measurement range 0.0V – 300V AC
Resolution 1V maximum
Frequency range 45Hz to 65Hz


Insulation resistance

Display range 0.01MΩ to 19.9MΩ
Resolution 0.01MΩ maximum
Open circuit test voltage 500V @ 1mA nominal
Short circuit test current <2mA
Protection Warning if ≥ 30V AC or DC present


Earth loop impedance (non trip)

Supply voltage 195V – 253V 45Hz to 65Hz
Nominal Test current <15mA (will not trip 30mA RCD)
Display Range 1Ω - 1.99kΩ
Resolution 1Ω maximum


RCD test

Supply voltage 195V – 253V 45Hz to 65Hz
Test current (rms) 30mA
Trip time ranges 40ms to 2000ms
Available tests ½ I∆n, I∆n, 5 I∆n


Control pilot PWM measurements

Voltage range ±14v DC
Voltage resolution 0.1V
Frequency range 940 Hz to 1040 Hz
Frequency resolution 0.1Hz
Duty cycle range 2% to 98%
Resolution 0.1%
Response time range 1ms to 10s
Resolution 1ms


Simulation of cable coding

EN 61851 13A capability 1.5 kohms +/- 1%
EN 61851 20A capability 680 ohms +/- 1%
EN 61851 32A capability 220 ohms +/- 1%
EN 61851 63A 3Ph capability 100 ohms +/- 1%
EN 61851 70A 1Ph capability 100 ohms +/- 1%


Fault simulation

Open circuit diode
Short circuit diode
Short to earth
Coupler disconnection


General Specifications

Case dimensions and weight

Weight 0.9kg
Dimensions 260mm x 100mm x 55mm
Power Source 6 x AA Cells


App compatibility

Compatible with Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean
iOS devices not supported



NFC (Near Field Communication)
iOS devices not supported


EV100 test kit, complete with Type 2 test adaptor (part no. 405A910)

EV100 tester
Type 2 test adaptor
Carry case
Quick start guide
Operating instructions
EVSEMobile app (downloadable from Android app store)


Optional accessories

Type 1 test adaptor 405A950
Type 2 test adaptor 405A951
Type 3 (SCAME) test adaptor 405A952
Android test data download device (NFC equipped) Enquire



2 year warranty (subject to terms and conditions, available at www.seaward.co.uk/warranty24)
Go to www.calibrationhouse.com for more information about our services and calibration