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TPA Series 3-Phase Adaptor

  • Quick and easy: No need to remove covers or disconnect wires.
  • Compact and highly portable.
  • Enables earth continuity and protective conductor current tests to be performed on 3-phase equipment.
  • Available with 16A or 32A BS 4343 plugs and sockets.
TPA Series 3-Phase Adaptor

TPA Series 3-Phase Adaptor

This unique 3-phase test adaptor enables earth continuity and protective conductor current measurements to be carried out on 3-phase machinery, as required by the IEE Code of Practice.

The Seaward TPA range of 3-phase test adaptors are built for use with the PrimeTest 250 PAT tester, allowing quick and easy measurement of the protective conductor current without removing covers or disconnecting wires to gain access to the protective conductor in the in-coming supply. Simply connect the adaptor in-line with the 3-phase equipment under test and connect to the PrimeTest 250.

The TPA is powered from the 3 phase supply and requires no additional power supply or batteries. At the push of a button, earth continuity and protective conductor current tests will commence and a digital reading of the measured values will be given on the PrimeTest 250 display.

Available in both 16A and 32A versions with star (5 pin) plugs and sockets.

Available Options:

  • TPA 5/16 16A star (5 pin) 3-Phase adaptor
    Part No. 391A920
  • TPA 5/32 32A star (5 pin) 3-Phase adaptor
    Part No. 391A910

Click here to find out more about the PrimeTest 250 Comprehensive handheld Manual PAT tester.

Part number: 16A - 391A920

Part number: 32A - 391A910

TPA Series 3-Phase Adaptor

Technical Specification

Part Numbers: 391A920 (TPA 5/16 16A star (5 pin) 3-Phase adaptor) & 391A910 (TPA 5/32 32A star (5 pin) 3-Phase adaptor)

Earth Continuity

TPA enables earth continuity testing on 3-Phase machinery to the specification of the PrimeTest 250 PAT tester

Protective Conductor Current

Range: 0.1mA to 9.99mA
Accuracy: ± 10% ± 2 digits

Supply Voltage

415V ± 10% at 50Hz

Maximum Load Current

16A for TPA 5/16
32A for TPA 5/32

Environmental Rating

IP Rating IP40

Overvoltage Category


Operating Temperature Range

0ºC to 40ºC, without moisture condensation

Storage Temperature Range

-25ºC to 65ºC

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