PAT Calibration Checkboxes

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Ensuring the in-service accuracy and performance of PAT testing equipment is a fundamental requirement for those involved in electrical safety testing and is recommended by many electrical trade organisations.

Seaward’s special PAT calibration checkboxes are designed to provide a fast and simple means of confirming that test readings remain effective during those working periods between formal re-calibration.

In doing so‚ not only do they ensure the correct functionality of PATs‚ but they also help to avoid potential problems with non-compliance notices from inspecting engineers.

Looking for PAT tester calibration?

Seaward can calibrate your PAT tester. Please visit our Service Centre page for more information.

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PAT Checkbox

PAT Checkbox

The PAT Calibration Checkbox has been designed to provide a safe, simple and quick means of checking that PAT testers are working within specification in between periodic calibration of the instrument. View Product

PowerCheck 1557

PowerCheck 1557

The PowerCheck 1557 is a comprehensive PAT Calibration and installation checkbox. It carries out ongoing performance checks to ensure accurate measurement between calibration intervals. View Product