Supernova Elite PAT Tester

Comprehensive dual voltage PAT tester

  • Results storing for super-fast download
  • Dual voltage functionality
  • Includes flash and RCD trip time tests
Supernova Elite PAT Tester

Supernova Elite PAT Tester

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The Supernova Elite advanced downloading PAT tester has a comprehensive range of tests including RCD trip time and flash tests as well as dual voltage capability. A test record memory stores up to 5000 PAT testing results including location, user, test status and date. It links to a PC and has a modem for remote transfer of information. There are connections for a barcode reader, braincell scanner and printer, as well as a parallel printer port.

Barcode labels are generated via a thermal printer.There is a large graphical display, with legible, walk through instructions for each test facility. Downloading vital information is fast and asset management is supported with three software options.

Part number 283A936

Optional accessory kits

Our optional accessory kit includes everything you need to complete the PAT testing process easily and efficiently. Our Supernova Elite kit comes with:
Supernova Elite
Desk Test n Tag printer & 1 x label roll
PATGuard 3 Elite software 1 year licence
CCD Barcode scanner
Carry case
Calibration Certificate
Seaward Guide to PAT testing

Desk Test n Tag printer
A desktop thermal transfer printer that produces durable, tamper-proof labels which are available in a range of different colours and sizes. Find out more.
Test n tag elite printer
(Kit part number 323A913)

Supernova Elite PAT Tester
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Technical Specification


Earth Continuity

Test Currents 25A, 10A, 4A, AC
Display Range 0.00ohms - 19.99ohms
Pass Value User Defined
Measurement Technique 4 Wire Measurement, Floating Earth

Earth Screen Continuity

Test Current 100mA
Display Range 0.00ohms - 19.99ohms
Pass Value User Defined
 Measurement Technique  4 Wire Measurement, Floating Earth

Insulation Resistance

Test Voltage 250V, 500V DC
Display Range 0.1Mohms - 100Mohms
 Pass Value User Defined


Test Voltage Class I 1500V mns
Test Voltage Class II 3000V rms
Display Range  0.05mA- 2.5mA
Pass Value  User Defined

RCD Trip Time Test

Test Current 30mA
Display Range 0ms - 500ms
Pass Value 200ms

Protective Conductor Current

Test Voltage 230V/110V
Display Range 0.1mA - 10mA
Pass Value  User Defined

Touch Current

Test Voltage 230V/110V User Selectable
Display Range 0.1mA - 2.0mA
Pass Value User Defined

Substitute Leakage

Test Voltage 40V AC Nominal
Display Range 0.1mA - 2.0mA
Pass Value  User Defined

Load Test

Display Range 0kVA - 4.2kVA

IEC Lead Polarity

Tests Performed Live/Neutral Continuity and Polarity



Operating Voltage

Voltage Range 103V - 126V, 207V - 253V, 45Hz - 65Hz

Weight / Dimensions

Weight & Dimensions 9.5Kg/40cm (l) x 32cm (w) x 16cm (d)


Keyboard QWERTY
Display graphic LCD - 1/4 VGA (320x240 pixels)
Connectivity RS232 Port Connection

Parallel Port Connection


Part number: 283A936

Braincells Read/Write Reader

This reader is to be used with Braincell RFID tags. Braincells are a rugged and re-writeable alternative to barcodes. Attached to assets, brain cells are read using the read/write probe to identify an asset for testing. &a View Product..

Braincells Self Adhesive Tags

For use with the read/write reader - each Braincell contains a microchip memory which requires no battery and can store relatively large amounts of data.   View Product..

CCD Barcode Scanner Seaward

CCD barcode scanner compatible with Safemeic View Product..

Desk Test n Tag Printer

The revolutionary Desk Test n Tag asset label printing system provides you with the complete automatic record keeping system. For use with the SafeCheck 8, the printer automatically produces test tags that display test results. View Product..

Modem Kit

This modem kit allows PAT Test records to be transferred from the field to a remote PC running a suitable terminal program in a matter of minutes. It contains all necessary cables and components. View Product..

PAT Checkbox

The PAT Calibration Checkbox has been designed to provide a safe, simple and quick means of checking that PAT testers are working within specification in between periodic calibration of the instrument. View Product..

PATGuard 3 PAT Testing Software

PATGuard PAT testing software allows you to record, store and report on a range of health and safety requirements including PAT testing, risk assessments and other workplace test and inspections. View Product..

Supernova Elite Carry Case

Carry bag for one Supernova Elite tester, made of soft material. View Product..