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PrimeTest 50 PAT Testing Kit

Simple PAT checker kit

  • Optional rapid manual data entry software
  • Online PAT Testing Training course with exam and certificate
  • An easy to use pass/fail PrimeTest 50 tester
  • Electrical safety checks
PrimeTest 50 Pat Testing Kit

PrimeTest 50 Pat Testing Kit

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The Seaward PrimeTest 50 PAT testing kit has been designed to offer an all-inclusive solution to basic pass/fail PAT testing when checking the electrical safety. PATGuard Elements software (optional) enables fast manual data-entry for record-keeping of all test results including a full test history against each appliance, and invoice generator - ideal for the efficient running of your PAT business.

The kit includes:

  • PrimeTest 50 PAT tester
  • Rugged and lightweight purpose-made PATBag carry case with compartments for all of your PAT accessories and labels
  • Online PAT training course with exam and personalised certificate
  • Seaward Guide to Portable Appliance Testing, a handy PAT reference look-up card
  • PAT Register and Test record for keeping a record of results
  • 500 Pass labels
  • 500 Fail labels
  • 110V adaptor
  • Quick start video guide
  • Seaward Business Builder CD - everything you need to know to start a PAT testing business

PATMobile PAT Testing App

Watch the PATMobile video

See the PrimeTest 50 in action

Part number: 345A929

PATGuard Elements

PATGuard Elements is a manual entry PAT software programme, designed for use with manual PAT testers, enabling a formal log of portable appliance test results to be stored and called upon as required. View Product..

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