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PowerTest 1557

Multi functional installation tester with integral probe

  • Loop test in 5 seconds
  • Integral probe makes reading results easy
  • Auto RCD test
PowerTest 1557

PowerTest 1557

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The PowerTest 1557 is a multi function installation tester with integral probe, allowing the instrument to be held and the results to be read at the same time.

The PowerTest 1557 is also very fast, performing earth loop, line loop, PFC and PSC tests with one press of a button in under 5 seconds. It's lightweight, handheld and battery powered.


PowerTest 1557 Best of British offer

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PowerTest 1557
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Technical specification

Earth Continuity

Test Current >200mA
Display Range 0.00ohms - 199ohms
Resolution 0.01ohms max
Test Lead Compensation: 0.00ohms - 10.00ohms
Live Circuit Detection Test inhibit if >30V detected

Insulation Resistance

Test Voltage 100V, 250V, 500V
Display Range 0.05Mohms - 199Mohms
Resolution 0.01Mohms maximum
Live Circuit Detection Test  inhibit if >30V detected

Loop/Line Impedance

Supply Voltage 195 - 253V/440V, 45Hz - 65Hz
Test Current 15mA (non tripping for RCD protected circuits)
Display Range 0.01ohms - 2000ohms
Resolution 0.01ohms maximum
Loop Impedance Phase to Earth
Line Impedance Phase to Neutral/Phase to Phase
PFC/PSC Range 0 - 26kA


RCD Trip Time

Supply Voltage 195 - 253V, 45 - 65Hz
Test Currents 10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA
Trip Time Ranges 0ms - 2000ms at ½IDn
0ms - 300ms at IDn general
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