NTB-1 RCD Isolator

Adaptor for use with any RCD test instrument - Prevents tripping the main RCD

  • Compatible with any RCD test instrument
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Eliminates risk of tripping the main RCD
NTB-1 RCD Isolator

NTB-1 RCD Isolator

The NTB-1 eliminates the risk of tripping the main RCD when carrying out RCD trip time tests with any RCD test instrument. It isolates the electricity supply to the RCD under test, allowing the test operative to continue testing without the worry of causing disruption to the premises they're working on by tripping the main RCD.

In the past, isolation transformers have been used for this purpose, but these are bulky and typically weigh around 10kg in comparison to the Non Trip Box's lightweight 0.6kg. The NTB-1 is portable and can be used with any test instrument which is used to carry out the RCD trip time test.

Part number: 372A953