Clare B255

Comprehensive Power Tool & Appliance Safety Tester

  • Ideal for the rental and hire sector
  • Simple clear controls
  • Analogue display of results and operation
Clare B255

Clare B255

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The B255 comprehensive electrical safety tester is recognised as the industry standard and product of choice for the hire and service/repair industries. Simple straightforward operation, compact size and a comprehensive range of measurement functions, make this tester the leader in its class.

Testing with the B255 will ensure compliance with European and International standards for Class I and Class II products, such as EN60335, EN61029, EN60065, EN50144 and EN60745. Tests: AC flash Earth bond Earth leakage Power / Run / Load

Hire Awards Winner 2012

Clare B255
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Technical specification

Measurement functions

 Earth bond   25A, into 0.1W, from 8V a.c
    0 – 1W meter display
 Flash test   500V, 1250V AC 5 and 10mA trip
   3000V, 3750V AC 5mA
 Short test  40V AC, 0 – 10mA trip
 Load/run test  230V 0 – 15A
   0 – 10mA
   110V, 0 – 25A



 Visual alarm  yes
Audible alarm  yes

External connections

 Beacon (EN50191)  yes
 Guard switch