Burster 4462

High Precision Calibration Source for voltage, current and thermocouples

  • High precision current and voltage source ± 52mA, ± 30V Option: ± 22mA, ± 60V
  • Error limit 0.003% Rdg.
  • RS232/USB and optional IEEE488 interface
Burster 4462

Burster 4462

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It is possible to set current of ± 200nA ... ± 52mA, voltage of ± 1ΩV ... ± 30V and, optionally, temperature setpoint value of 14 thermocouples types. The output value is fed back via the sense line to eliminate voltage drops across the measuring leads.

The device has an adjustable current/voltage limitation. An external voltage divider of 1 up to 1:1000 can be considered internally. With the thermovoltage sourcing option you can enter °C, °F and K, the temperature scales ITS 90 or IPTS 68 and the comparison point mode constant/external.

Unfortunately we are unable to sell this product outside of the United Kingdom.