Burster 4423

Universal calibrator

  • Basic accuracy 0.015%
  • Storage of calibration routines for 50 calibration objects
  • Direct input of Pt100 coefficient (R0, A, B, C)
Burster 4423

Burster 4423

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For the first time, the newly developed DIGISTANT® makes it possible to calibrate mechanical magnitudes such as force, torque or displacement using a single calibrator, in addition to the usual electrical and thermal magnitudes. What makes this versatile calibrator stand out from its class is its capacity to generate the extensive and comprehensive documentation that is necessary nowadays for any calibration. Measurement and sourcing for 13 thermocouple models, 13 RTD models, resistance, current, voltage, frequency, impulse, pressure, force, torque and displacement make the model 4423 a complete, universal calibrator. The device can also operate in buffer mode using the mains adapter provided.

Unfortunately we are unable to sell this product outside of the United Kingdom.