Halo Hook

Ammeter for overhead powerlines

  • For use on overhead line systems up to 40 kV
  • Simple to use membrane switches
  • LCD display for readout and battery indicator
Halo Hook

Halo Hook

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The Halo has been designed for measuring current flow on overhead line systems up to 40 kV (line to earth). The sensing unit is encased in a moulded plastic housing and is fully screened against the effects of electrostatic fields.

The RMS reading digital display is mounted in the fibre glass tubing body of the instrument and has a measurement range of 0A - 2000A. Using operator rods, the Halo is hooked over the conductor, and after 5 seconds the reading is stored and the instrument can be returned to ground level for the result to be recorded. The jaws are large enough to accommodate up to 50mm conductors.

Halo Hook
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Technical specification

Measuring range 0 – 2000 Amps
Accuracy 5% +/- 3 digits
System voltage 40kV
Display 3” digit digital display
Operating temperature -10°C -+ 55°C
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Battery 9v PP3 – 6R61
Weight 1.2kg
Jaw size For conductors up to 50mm




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