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PAT Testing News Round-Up - December 2011

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NAPIT boost for training

NAPIT has set up a new dedicated website bringing together all relevant information on its range of electrical industry training courses.

The new site includes an on-line course booking facility, interactive calendar and training schedule and in-depth course details.

Throughout its regional UK training centres and as part of the NAPIT Group, NAPIT Training delivers a comprehensive portfolio of its own training and assessment in addition to industry approved training which is certificated by City & Guilds, Blue Flame (UKAS Accredited), BPEC and the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

Full details are available at

PATs and fire prevention

Two recent pieces of news further underlined the role of portable appliance testing and its role in fire prevention.

The latest annual Fire Statistics Great Britain, 2010/2011 further reinforced the role of faulty appliances and leads as the main cause of accidental fires in other buildings (non dwellings).
The report showed that, In 20010/11, faulty appliances and leads were the cause of 4,400 accidental fires in non-residential buildings, a figure that represents 25% of all such fires.

Over the period 2000 and 2011 (excluding 2010 for which no breakdown is available), each year faulty appliances and leads were identified as the cause of between 25% and 32% of accidental fires in non dwelling type buildings

To help overcome such problems in domestic premises, the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) has recently run a workshop on electrical fire safety for the Fire and Rescue Services (FRS). The London-based event attracted 38 delegates from 25 FRS – representing over half of the entire FRS in England – with officials from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) ‘Fire Kills’ campaign also in attendance.

Phil Buckle, Director General of the ESC, said: “The FRS undertake a range of fire prevention activities, often with the focus on the vulnerable groups – such as pensioners, children and people on low income – who are also our priority audiences.

“By enabling the Fire and Rescue Services to extend their understanding of electrical fires, we help them develop key electrical safety messages to communicate to householders and, hopefully, improve the accuracy of fire reporting. This in turn will enhance statistical data on electrical-related fires and assist us in determining how best to reduce them.”

ESC launches new Smartphone electrical safety app

On the anniversary of the National Grid, the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) launches a free smart phone app to ensure families homes are kept safe.

Research shows that at least one person in the UK dies each week from an electrical accident and 1,000s injured daily. The new study found that millions are becoming complacent, exposing themselves and their families to potentially fatal accidents.

The app allows you to do a quick, visual check on every electrical component within a room to ensure its safe. It highlights potential dangers and how to resolve simple, non-technical problems. Using the check list process for all rooms in a house, it flags serious issues advising you to contact a registered electrician. The app named ‘Home Electrical Safety’ is available for iPhone and Android phone.

Director General of the ESC, Phil Buckle, said: “Even though we are using more electrical products than ever before, there is a worrying gap between the public’s perception of electrical danger and the reality, with people making simple yet potentially fatal errors that can be easily prevented. The ESC’s Home Electrical Safety Check app was designed to bridge that gap. We wanted to create something which people would find effortless but essential. Landlords too, should find it useful, as it will allow them to review their properties to ensure tenant safety.”

For more information on all aspects of electrical safety visit the ESC website at

PATGuard programs for effective safety management

The recording and management of PAT inspections and test results is an important factor in the implementation of effective workplace electrical safety test records.

The comprehensive PATGuard software range is designed to help those involved in appliance safety testing to improve their test record-keeping portability, as well as help with the management of PAT inspection an testing schedules.

At the top of the range is the comprehensive PATGuard Elite 2 program for companies that PAT test on a regular basis. The advanced software accommodates everything from downloading results direct from testers to full test databases, to report and certificate printing, e mail alerts for re-tests and the uploading of test criteria into PAT testers.

To meet the needs of advanced database formats such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server‚ a special PATGuard Elite SQL version is also available.

For intermediate PAT applications‚ Patguard Pro 2 is a comprehensive software package for those requiring detailed asset management information, allowing fast download of test results and immediate access to test records and other equipment information.

Also available is PATGuard Lite 2‚ an entry level PAT software package facilitating the quick and effective downloading of PAT test information and certificate printing.

At the basic level Seaward PATGuard software enables even those using manual testers to set up computerised PAT records to ensure test data is stored efficiently and securely.

PATGuard software uses Windows-based systems for maximum ease of use and includes an integral set-up wizard that guides operators through the program.

Visit the PATGuard Lite 2 PAT software product page for more information.



















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