A Brief History of PAT testing - PAT Mini-series Part 1 - 3rd May 2016

In celebration of the Seaward Substitution scheme, which runs all through May, we’re bringing you a special PAT mini-series. Each post focuses on a different aspect of the PAT testing industry. The first in this series is all about PAT testing practices to date. PAT PRACTICES TO DATE PAT testing is one of those things that has sparked controversy and confusion in more… Read More »

What One Shocking Statistics Report Means for the Industry - 27th April 2016

The UK’s construction industry skills shortage has been widely publicised in recent years with many campaigns aiming to encourage more people to move into areas such as the electrical industry. However, the Office for National Statistics recently reported that construction apprentices in this country are actually in decline. This is despite the fact that apprenticeships… Read More »

Why Seaward is Using Football to Tackle Old PAT Testers - 25th April 2016

Today marks the launch of Seaward’s limited substitution opportunity for those in the PAT testing industry. Open to everyone involved with using PAT equipment, whether that is running a business, or as a duty holder, the substitution scheme aims to help people get access to the best most up to date equipment around. With a football theme to tie in with the… Read More »

PAT Tester Gets Top Safety Billing At Events Company - 1st April 2016

An integrated asset management system with electrical safety testing at its core is helping a leading supplier of technical services to outdoor events and festivals meet its quality control and safety compliance obligations. The team behind Figure of Eight Events Ltd has had roles in many major music events such as Glastonbury and iTunes Festival with involvements in a wide… Read More »

Compliance & Precision News Round-Up - Issue 54 - 30th March 2016

This issue covers: Electrical Safety First backs review of product recall processes Updated directives take effect soon Decline in chip sales Fault Simulation – What is it and why should you be doing it? Electrical Safety First backs review of product recall processes Electrical Safety First (ESF) has welcomed the latest review of processes… Read More »
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