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Primetest 350 query

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Primetest 350 query

Postby peterdale » Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:27 pm

We have two Prime test 350s in our organisation. One an older model running 3.3 firmware and a newer model running 3.61 The older one when checking a iec lead returns a reading of >199mohm for insulation both running on batteries and also with the external mains lead connected. The newer one however returns >199mohms on batteries but and actual reading about 101mohms when connected to the external mains lead. Our PAT tester has questioned this and suggested that the machine is faulty. Why he needs to have the external mains lead connected for a PAT test I am not sure. I wondered if this could just be that the newer firmware reports results differently in this situation or is it likely in fact to be fault? Any suggestions appreciated. Pete
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Re: Primetest 350 query

Postby Grizzly » Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:13 pm

As I understand it (and according to the user manual), the external mains lead is only required to provide 230V ac for the 2 'powered tests': Protective Earth Conductor Current and Touch Current (as well as the Earth Loop Resistance and RCD Trip Time tests).
In theory, it should make no difference to an IR test if the mains lead is connected or not.
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