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PAT testing the PAT tester

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PAT testing the PAT tester

Postby Alan Freeman » Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:15 am

I was asked a good one recently.

Is the PAT tester PAT tested?? It is after all a portable piece of electrical equipment!! No green sticker on the machine, but it has been calibrated.

Obviously, we should have all our leads etc tested, but you can't PAT your own machine. Is it done at calibration?? Do we need to organise a co-op amongst ourselves to PAT each others testers?

Alan Freeman
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Re: PAT testing the PAT tester

Postby PATman » Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:32 pm

Hi Alan,
Seaward write:

To maintain the high standards of test instruments, periodic calibration and servicing is required. This forms a vital part of the maintenance procedure, and gives you the confidence in using your tester, knowing that it is performing within the manufacturers specification.

Without periodic calibration an instrument can drift out of the manufacturers specification unrecognised and potentially lead to faulty test readings. Our highly skilled engineers carry out calibration in a temperature controlled laboratory to ensure precise accuracy.

So, if it is calibrated to ensure it meets the 'manufacturers specification' do you not think that that in itself is a form of PAT TEST?? We might get into a chicken and egg situation here..... :D
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