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Hope Ive got it right

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Hope Ive got it right

Postby SAFET4U_UK » Sat Oct 20, 2012 8:50 am

Well it may be a case of running before walking but I have just lashed out on a Seaward Supernova Plus and some ancillary equipment , bar code reader, printer and software. :oops: etc, to get to try some practice testing of my own although I am not sure that this equipment will be up to the job when doing work for future customers
( Any advise welcome )

I can already see from your posts that my vision of strolling round with my tester etc, and having a trouble free life are far from reality , and my hope of using a little car to get about with is also getting further and further away due to the amount of kit you probably need to keep with you. :lol:

I can hear the audience now , laughing and saying what a plonker :lol: he has not got a clue what he is in for .

O well we can only try

Cheers all

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Re: Hope Ive got it right

Postby Alan Freeman » Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:13 am


The small car is still on.

I use a Europa Plus which came in a carry bag (over shoulder). In that I have everything I need for a days testing in an office. Tester, Earth bond lead, IEC lead, Cutters, x point and flat screwdriver, several fuses, 3x13A plugs, 200+ plug top labels (also some cable wraplabels, Visual only, fail, microwave), pen, bar code reader, microwave tester, IEC to Clover-leaf adaptor, serial lead (just to keep it handy). laminated copies of:- Training Cerificate, Cal certificate, bar codes.

The above slings over my shoulder, so easy in a car. I also have a crate which has the following 13A to female-x and male-x to IEC. x equals:- 16A commando, 32A commando, 110v Commando, Powercon, More 13A to IEC.
My main box of labels, Code of Practice, more 13A plugs. more fuses.

The crate sits in just about any car boot.
Alan Freeman
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Re: Hope Ive got it right

Postby verstapp » Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:13 pm

I work at a university. My Primetest 300, printer and accessories fit in a shoulder bag which i lug around on my uni-supplied bicycle.
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Re: Hope Ive got it right

Postby jonathan » Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:06 am

We have an in-house Europa Plus which has a carry bag with serial lead and manual, it is not something I would wish to lug across town (having done that once across Leeds city centre), but from a car boot up some stairs is OK.

For convenience I bought myself a PT250 as the Europa usually lives over at head office (where I rarely go), but I discovered that the PT250 cannot reliably test Class I appliances that have no exposed metal for the earth bond test such as laptop-style PSUs or desk fans, so I picked up a used PrimeTest 350; these hand-held testers are both quite a bit lighter than a Europa and considerably more portable when in use, but you'd probably still find use for a utility belt if you had the bluetooth scanner, printer, etc. that go with the PT350. The thing that hampers the portability aspect for me of the PT350 and PT250 is testing using mains power, as the tester mains lead is very thick and retains it's zig-zag shape from being stored bound up in the case, so tends to get in the way a bit and is easily tangled with the test lead.

The PT350 is a nice tester, but I don't think it really does any more tests than a Europa can (it can't do high amp tests), other than be more portable and work with the bluetooth scanner and printer accessories.
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