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Postby ringer » Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:39 pm

FYI this is how I have set up to include repairs costs (using a PT350 and PatGuard Elite)
In PatGuard Elite
Tools / Options /PAT Options
Text Line 4 is set to 'Repair'
'Use code abbreviations on tester' is ticked
Show codes for: Repair
I have added three lines as follows:
01 Rewire plug 2 (intention being £2 cost for rewire a plug)
02 Fit new plug 5 (......£5 to fit a new plug)
03 Repair/fit new flex 10 (....£10 for repairs to flex or fitting a new flex)

So what next?
Next time I, for example, fit a new plug, I need to enter on line 4 on the tester in the Notes section when saving the data
902 (this is the shortcode to fit a new plug, as defined above)

Then after downloading the data into PATGuardElite
Use the report 'List charges'
Select Client Name
Change Charges Type from 'Tests Only' to 'Tests & Repairs'
And view the report - repairs charges appear before test charges

What if you forgot to add the shortcode at the time of the test, or want to include this on existing data?
Download the data
Find the item in the Client/Site/Location in PATGuardElite
Double-click on the item description (first column if using default layout)
Click on 'Test Results...' button
Click on the line to be altered (usually only one line, unless you retested)
Click on the 'Details...' button
Click on the 'Add Result' button
A new line appears at the end of the test details
In the first column type in (for example) "Fit new plug"
In the second column type in "5"
In the third column type in "£"
In the fourth column use the dropdown to select 'Repair'
Click on the OK button to save the data
Now when you use the 'List Charges' report you should have the repair listed as well

Hope you find this useful - it took me a while to work it out.

Note that you set up the short codes without a leading 9 (e.g. 02) but enter them with a leading 9 (e.g. 902) on the tester.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to retrospectively add the shortcode on the tester itself on saved data. Unless someone can tell me how to - I usually end up having to retest the item just to be able to add a note.
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