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Is it just me???

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Is it just me???

Postby LeeTurtle » Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:23 am

I've been talking to A.N Other PAT Inspector (sole trader like my self) and upon asking where they get there best deal for plug tops; the reply was they don't bother buying as it just adds cost to the business (ok cost conscious, good) but they then went onto add that if it's damaged in any way they fail it and tell the customer to repair it (retests are free whilst on site). I went on to ask if the plug is incorrectly fused would they replace it with the correct one? No was the reply why waist time and money repairing when it makes me liable? I argued the point that your assuming your customer is competent in repairing and knows the formula to work out the ampage, in fact they could make it worse if they rewire it incorrectly and then switch it on to see if it works!
Are there any other inspectors that don't offer this service of replacing plug tops (free or not) as I am curious?
Surly it's our duty to replace/rectify something so very simply and not so time consuming?
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Re: Is it just me???

Postby PATconstructive » Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:01 am

Well here is an opportunity to add value to your business. The repair can be offered to the client as a chargeable service or a failure which they can have fixed at a later date. I bet 9 times out of 10 the client would prefer the repair and a pass certificate. Maybe (A N Other) is not competent or qualified to perform repairs? If you were the client who would get your repeat business next time round?

The fuse issue is a very interesting one which is mentioned in the code of practice but may have some exceptions such as equipment that starts with high inrush current. I would change the fuse for the correct value in obvious situations and leave as is on the ambiguous ones.
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Re: Is it just me???

Postby sparxsound » Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:53 am

I too change the plugs and fuses where applicable. Small repairs like flex changes if possible, and chargable if a job takes more than about 10 mins. If there are several repairs I will add up the time and charge an hourly rate or offer a fail and let them make an appointment for another day or trader to carry out repairs.

With regard to fuse changes, I tend to just do the obvious ones (table lamps etc) I will advise the client to check their user manuals for the correct fuse if there is doubt and always put this in writing (usually when I email documents to them).

One scenario to be wary of are fridges and freezers. On one occasion I replaced the fuse in an ice cream display freezer after measuring the operating current of 2 amps. I replaced the 13A fuse with a 5A. The next year I did a re-test on the unit to find silver paper across the fuse. The owner told me the fuse had blown and they didn't have a spare. I re-fitted a 13A fuse and told him to check his user manual for the correct value. Although the finger wasn't pointed I felt very embarrassed as they had lost all their ice cream when the fuse had blown.

As a result I now leave the fuse fitted to fridges and freezers and advise checking the user manual or look foe a plate on the appliance which states the correct fuse value. Another practice I have adopted is to always ask the client to check a fridge or freezer is on before I leave. A freezer full of rotting meat could prove very costly.

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Re: Is it just me???

Postby LeeTurtle » Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:41 pm

Thought as much, I appreciate your responses.
Makes me think that I should target there area and re-educate the customers what their missing out on!
Paul - have you a rexel senate near you? you could get them for about £0.55p each rather than screwfix at £0.76p for 50+.
PATConstructive - yes my customers prefer that I carry out the repair (if I can) and it does bring in a little more revenue.
Hi sparxsound, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to switching the fridge/freezers back on, I always double check or take a quick pic of the socket on my phone! Sad isn't it!!
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