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pat guard elite 2

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pat guard elite 2

Postby prosafe » Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:38 pm

hi guys i have been looking at all my test certificates and test reports but i cant seem to find any with all my locations on them?
i tested i hotel the other day and set the tester supernova plus up with the site also all the locations so all i needed to do was move from room to room press new test site was the same but then scroll dow to location ie room 2 and test as usual for all in room 2 then move on to room 3 etc etc..
problem is i just can seem to print of the asset list or test certs but there is no locations on any of my reports ?? what am i doing wrong? surly i dont need to type my location every test in one of my pre-set 4 lines which i use for appliance number,description,make and notes.. even then i cant seem to find any of the notes either ??? hope this makes sense to someone??
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Re: pat guard elite 2

Postby Richard Williams » Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:49 pm

Hi Prosafe

All sites and locations covered by reports depend on the criteria the user has specified within the report e.g Test dates.

If the locations are not within that test date, or the if the assets are at site level only, the assets will not show a location.

Please feel to contact me if you wish to talk about specific reports or you require assistance in this.
Richard Williams

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