Earth bond test on fitted fridge

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Re: Earth bond test on fitted fridge

Postby Jim Wallace » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:49 am

Hi Paul
A few things come to mind. If there was no earth to the spur the Europa would show a warning message on power up as it would detect the missing earth. The fact that the first part of the in-situ test did not flag up a warning also makes me think that there is an earth to the spur. If the oven passed an in-situ eath test on your Europa, this tends to suggest the Europa is functioning correctly.

I'm can't think of any reasons why the metal parts of a fridge would not be earthed - this would only allowable if the exposed metal parts of the fridge were double insulated from mains.

The sensible approach would be as you suggest - to have the fixed wiring checked out in case there is a wiring fault.
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