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Insulation Test Issue

Insulation Test Issue

Postby kdbailey » Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:01 pm

I need to measure the insulation Resistance of a PI Filter connector, essentially there is a capacitance of 60nF between the connector pins and case.
We therefore measure the Insulation Resistance (at 500V DC) between all the connector pins commoned together and the Case as part of our product acceptance test.
As I also have to conduct an AC HiPot Test (50Hz 500V AC) on this poduct we purhased a HAL H104, because this has the capability to measure leakage currents up to 20mA (our 60nF connector would typically have a leakage of 9.5mA).

When measuring the AC HiPot Leackage I get results as expected (9.5mA), however when I carry out the Insulation resistance test I get an unstable reading of 40M Ohm to 80M Ohm when we would expect to see >1G Ohm. If I substitute the H104 with an Avo Megger BH80/2 and conduct the same test I get a stable result of >10G Ohm.

Am I mssing something in the setup or is the the H104 not suitable for measuring IR in this instance due to the capacitive nature of the connector
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