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PTE/Apollo 600 PRCD Test Beware

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PTE/Apollo 600 PRCD Test Beware

Postby southseas » Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:39 am

Struck an issue with a PRCD this week, Test button was jammed down, and the PRCD couldn't be latched on (Normally Open type requires to be plugged in to close & latch contacts)- normally when testing this type, the Apollo/PTE doesn't start the trip test until the Latch Button is pressed. With this PRCD, both my PTEs "passed" this faulty item :shock: WTF???

Tried the PRCD with a Metrel 3309, and it reported the voltage was out range and aborted the test, bit of a concern that the cheap tester picked up an issue, whereas the two PTEs were just going to happily "pass" a faulty item :?
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