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failing substitute leakage test

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failing substitute leakage test

Postby contender1 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:22 pm

I was hoping i could get some advice

I’m testing a new piece of equipment using the seaward apollo500.

I’m using the 110v class I automatic test.

The equipment under test has passed the earth continuity test and insulation with flying colours but is failing on the substitute leakage test at 1.21mA. (pass rate 0.75mA)

My understanding is that by law I only need the items to pass the earth continuity and insulation tests, and the substitute leakage test is optional and is prone to throwing up suspect results.

Why is the substitute leakage test included in the 110V class I test but not in the 230V class I test, and can I omit it from the test and still be within the law as specified by the IET code of practice.
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