Prime Test Elite Reliability and Relay 1 Fault

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Who has experienced PTE / Apollo Relay 1 fault and repair in the first 12 months from new

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Prime Test Elite Reliability and Relay 1 Fault

Postby Phil Hoppe » Tue May 09, 2017 7:50 am

How many others using the PTE or Apollo are being affected by
- Relay 1 faults,
- Readings that are incorrect and
- Batteries dying prematurely or batteries overheating.
- Portable 10mA RCD trip tests failing
Ive operated a Supernova for 5 years without experiencing a relay fault and I take care of the PTE in the same way. Now within its first year of service and being carefully looked after, my PTE has a Relay 1 fault and various accuracy issues. I wouldn't be too worried except I'm very aware of quite a few others whose PTE has seen the relay 1 fault within the first 3 months of their life.
We perform leakage testing on most appliances tested so the PTE is always plugged into power and appliances operated for leakage.
Phil Hoppe
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Re: Prime Test Elite Reliability and Relay 1 Fault

Postby southseas » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:53 pm

My first PTE seems to have developed the relay 1 fault again also Phil. It played up briefly when it was 13 months old, Seaward agent in NZ couldn't replicate fault I was experiencing and wouldn't send it back to the UK.

When it first displayed the "Relay 1" fault and wouldn't run CL tests, it had completed 7857 Test sequences. ETL had it for about 2 months and couldn't identify an issue with it. When i got it back,I upgraded it to a 4Gb Transcend SD card, and it's gone well until this week. Coincidentally, the last of the SuperNova's that I keep in captivity died on Monday. On Wednesday, my first PTE died (now up to 14,660 Tests), so now down to one near new PTE.

Think the only answer is to buy one, then buy another one after six months and then buy a third at one year- then with a bit of luck, fair winds and a following sea, you might always have at least one working PTE/Apollo 600.

Personally, I don't think they are suitable for concentrated "appliance testing", ideal for small batches of IT testing, but as a heavy duty work horse- nah, not up to it. Likewise, the thermal direct tags fade in direct sunlight and discolour if exposed to old style flouro tube lighting- the thermal transfer ribbon kits provide a solution to that, but hugely expensive.
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