Pat testing 415v extension leads and test cables

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Pat testing 415v extension leads and test cables

Postby contender1 » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:48 am

Hi Guys 2nd question

I have a large cage full of 415V test leads i have also been asked to test these.

Some have 32A plugs - 32 sockets i.e. extension leads. I have been testing these as class 1 portable appliances completing visual inspection, earth continuity and insulation by plugging the lead into the apollo500 with an adaptor and inserting a screw driver to the earth of the socket end where i attach the probe. Does this test sound correct would you even test these items as pat appliances ?

Some of the other leads have 415v 32A plugs on the one end and ring terminals on the other end for connecting to motors etc. I have been connecting the plug to the tester and probe to the earth cable on the un-terminated end and testing as class1 performing earth continuity and insulation. Does this sound about right?

And finally i have some cable with ferrules / ring terminals both ends i have been testing these using the point to point test between earth and earth for the earth continuity test and each of the phases and earth for the insulation does this sound correct should i even been testing these as the don't have plugs on?
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