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Re: Apollo 600 future enhancements

Postby southseas » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:27 am

Another nice to have feature, "Delete last test result" for those times when you realize you've stuffed up and would like to save the bother of writing down the asset number, and then deleting it when you download the day's/job's test results to PG3
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Re: Apollo 600 future enhancements = Apollo 600+

Postby southseas » Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:17 am

Well looking down our list of suggestions, looks like Seaward took some notes, New Apollo Plus has:
Culled From This Thread
a. Power socket test : this is mentioned in the user manual, page 28 of ver 3.v3. It would be useful to view and record the mains voltage and P-N-E combinations of the site being tested.

Extra Results Search and Download features- sometimes when testing on a clients site, it's handy if you can pull up all the Failed Items for a site or location. I can do this easily on either of my SuperNovas, but not all on my PTE/Apollo 600

Relocate the fuses protecting the PTE/Apollo 600 to the battery compartment so users don't have to disembowel the wee beasts on a client's desk if it happens to pop one while testing.If that's not possible, get a better connector for the battery, to make removing it easier

Better Probe Leads, supplied ones are fine for doing the odd bit of IT gear on a desk, but lack grunt for extended daily use tagging 100's of items per week, every week. Slightly longer, and 50% more conductor and insulation would be good.

Some other features they've added:
Ability to edit predictive text lists on the fly, 2D barcode scanner, new battery connector allows for plugging a charger direct into the battery and charging it while you run on a spare
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