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No Records Found in this data

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:36 am
by AndyB
I'm trying to connect my Supernova Plus to a PC for the first time.
I have PATGuard Pro installed
Seaward serial lead 44B113 with a Seaward RS2323 to USB adaptor.
The Com port is set to Port 5/9600/8/None/2/Xon Xoff

When I try and make a download I connect everything, start download, set Remote Mode on the Supernova then...

The pop-up on the PC says "Received Bytes 0" for a couple of seconds then for a brief instance I get a pop-up with a status bar followed by "No records were found in this data. Check the communication settings of your test instrument"

Am I missing something?
I can't find any comms settings to change on the Supernova.