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PT 300 Labels

PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:54 am
by Chris
Hi I have the PT300 with the bluetooth printer and when i test a new appliance i have the description printed on the label as i dont want people removing tags from something that passed to something that either failed or didn't get tested either to get the appliance onto a building site or be sold second hand etc, this works fine but.

When it comes to retesting i scan the barcode and it brings up the retest button and I can see it knows what the items desription was (as it was downloaded from the PatGuard software) alond with the room location test type etc. but when the test is finished it doesn't print what the appliance is unless I re-type it into the desription field again, why is this? is their something I need to turn on, when I change through the label layouts it can print it knows the company name and location but not the description.

Hope this can be fixed as I'm coming up to a lot of retests soon and I do want the description on the tag without having to re-type it each time.