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Re: PT350 won't download

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:03 pm
by StOuennais
Yes, I guess the Calibration would have been invalidated, but when it was returned from a repair the unit was not re-calibratecd and the calibration expired 4th of December, I had it re-calibrated on the 12 December by a company that comes over to Jersey, as the costs of shipping and the time it takes to get it back makes it difficult to Justify.
3 weeks before its returned ( held by Customs) even though forms are filled out showing it being sent for repair and £56.75 postage by courier.
When other unit was sent by Royal mail (£20) it was held by customs for 5 weeks in UK without either Seaward or myself being informed.
Luckly I have two units otherwise it would have been a very costly exercise.