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P. A. T PRICES -getting Less and Less

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P. A. T PRICES -getting Less and Less

Postby s2675827133 » Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:05 am

I really don't know ware this is going ,I had a regular customer of mine call me from a large school I carry out the portable appliance testing,I have kept the same price for them since 2010 ,the guy in charge of finance said he is happy to use me but he has been contacted by lots of pat testing company's at 10% to 15% cheaper than my cost,I would rather keep the work so I have no choice than to match the prices.Its 2013 god knows how much these company's will charge in 2 to 3 years,I feel sorry for the guy doing the testing as he's probably getting 20p to 30p a test and the company are getting the rest plus vat.Prices are supposed to keep going up with inflation NOT keep going down,I hope Seaward are taking note as this is the way the industry is going,bottom line is the customer wants the cheapest price ,gone are the days of 2-3 pound a appliance.We all need to wake up to this otherwise its going to be 30 p a test in a couple of years. Seaward you ask how the 4th code of practice will affect you it will affect me and others by making us skint!.
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Re: P. A. T PRICES -getting Less and Less

Postby K-PAT » Mon Jun 10, 2013 4:02 pm

Yes, this is a common thread on PAT forums.I charge £1.50p per item and I get quite a few calls from potential clients wanting me to match a lower price from someone else, but I refuse and stick to my price, advising them that if they pay a low price, they will get a low price job, which is unlikely to be as thorough as the checks I do.A fair few of them come back later and ask me to do the work , suggesting that the cheaper option didn't exist in the first place.I refuse to offer my services for a fee that is not cost effective, just to get work, because once that starts, it will carry on.
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Re: P. A. T PRICES -getting Less and Less

Postby Judzwon » Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:39 am

stick to your guns, i had a business call me for a quote and the first thing they said after i mentioned the pricing structure was 'oh, you cant go any lower than that can you, as we have had several other cheaper quotes' i stuck to my guns and they called back for a booking. maybe sometimes they are trying to call your bluff, but there is is companies around that are quoting cheaper and cheaper i have found. which is alarming for sure.

tell the potential clients that your insurance is up to date, you have offline data backup, vehicle expenses, machine calibrations etc, and to check whether the other companies with the cheap quotes are up to date with the same.

i need to do around 100 tests a day for the company to make any money, if we keep lowering the prices than i have to do more tests daily which isnt actually achievable at most work sites, especially when you have to seek the appliances at most clients sites rather than having them piled up ready to test.
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