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Let me get this right....Europa Plus

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Let me get this right....Europa Plus

Postby zippyworld » Sat May 11, 2013 9:08 pm

I have recently bought a used Europa Plus and have been used to a Megger PAT 32 which has been a great bit of kit, the question is this, when doing the automatic test sequence on the Europa and it goes through the two earth bond tests automatically, (Isolated and In situ), do I need to prompt the tester by pressing the green button, as it appears to me that it gives a fail on the in-situ test part of the sequence and stops.

And if I am thinking correctly, it will fail the Isolated test and pass the in-situ test if the item being tested is obviously connected to the fixed installation, again would the tester need prompting.

I am thinking that the in situ test is the perfect solution to fixed appliances, hand dryers, cookers etc; however this would then involve the touch leakage test which gives another question, if the item is non IT can / would you conduct this test at 500V ?

I guess its a case of my getting used to the new tester but input will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, if you do disconnect from the fixed installation, after isolation of course, is a safe block the best piece of kit to use ?

I am new to this forum and hope to impart with my knowledge in future.
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Re: Let me get this right....Europa Plus

Postby Patnik » Mon May 13, 2013 10:20 am

I don't follow what you are saying about the Europa Plus 'automatically' going through isolated then in-situ earth continuity tests - surely this is an either/or situation? My Europa Plus offers the option of doing an in-situ test when the 100mA test current is selected. It then requires me to take a reading to an installation earth point (fixing screw on socket) followed by a reading to the metal appliance casing. Following this the Europa sometimes has a moan that the reading to the appliance is less than that to the installation which is impossible so makes me start again - maybe this is your problem?
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