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AEG Santo Fridge/Freezer

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AEG Santo Fridge/Freezer

Postby MikePope » Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:10 am

I've just tested an AEG Santo fridge/freezer with a Primetest 250 on it's default settings. ie: 500v.
The isolation test failed with a reading of 0.06megohms. I repeated the test running off mains power and got the same reading.
I plugged the fridge back in and turned it on and it went bang and took out the consumer unit circuit breaker and RCCD.
I put it down to a faulty appliance but I'm suspicious as it should have taken out the consumer unit RCCD with that much leakage.
I'm wondering if it has an overvoltage/voltage surge protector that kicks in below 500v and once triggered stays triggered. I looked up the manufacturers user manual but it says nothing about this.

Has anyone had a similar experience or has some knowledge of AEG fridges, that could explain what happened?
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Re: AEG Santo Fridge/Freezer

Postby K-PAT » Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:17 pm

Hello Mike,
Just read your post.
I don't know anything about that particular make/model but over the last couple of years I've had 2 fridges that went bang.On both occasions, I found that the flex lead had been left under the metal edging of the unit and by constant movement of the unit over a period of time,and the pressure downwards on the cable, the insulation had worn through and eventually shorted out with a bang, knocking out the mcb.One of the fridges had it's adjustable feet removed for an unknown reason, thus allowing the full weight of the fridge down on the flex.
I don't whether these circumstances are similar to yours, but it may be of help.

Regards, K-PAT.
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