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is there money to be made at this very sorry to be blunt

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is there money to be made at this very sorry to be blunt

Postby new2this » Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:28 pm

hi to all as you can see by my name i am new2this please can anyone tell me is thee still money to be made at this i am thinking about doing a course and setting up how much do people charge and what kind of money can be made i have heard a lot of companys are doing it in house now sorry to be blunt i am just trying to make some money like every body on here many many thanks gary
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Re: is there money to be made at this very sorry to be blunt

Postby remedy234 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:36 pm

Not really, every man and his dog "PAT Test" now and prices are horrifically low with some supposedly reputable companies charging as low as 75p a test
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Re: is there money to be made at this very sorry to be blunt

Postby Jeff Mustard » Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:45 am

If you are looking to "make a buck" out of this you will have to be self employed and willing to pay yourself a very low wage. PAT Testing for us is a leg in for safety consulting. Prices in Australia start at about $2.00 per tag and go up to $10 per tag. Hope this helps.
Jeff Mustard
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Re: is there money to be made at this very sorry to be blunt

Postby PATconstructive » Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:40 pm

I suppose it depends how much money you are referring to? It doesn't take very much research on the internet to work out that there are quite a few people making a modest living from PAT testing as a sole function.

It would also appear that some electricians offer PAT testing as a supplementary form of income.

There are a handful of companies that seem to have expanded their business to the point where one at least claims to have over 100 engineers out on the road performing day to day PAT tests all over the UK.

Also some companies that started out as PAT testers have expanded their portfolio and now include a multitude of electrical and health and safety processes such as fire risk assessments, and even testing for legionella in water systems.
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Re: is there money to be made at this very sorry to be blunt

Postby jonathan » Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:53 am

If you are going to charge a living wage rate, then you should become an expert. A PAT test is not just pushing a few buttons on a device and writing a label; you need to keep records, know about electricity, be sympathetic to the many different types of equipment and environments you will encounter, but more importantly you should have a thorough understanding about the safety requirements that you will be testing against.

Performing in-house tests may require less thorough knowledge, as typically the tester knows the equipment and works with it every day, they know how to test it and what the typical results should be. There is likely to be quite a limited array of equipment types for them to test, too.

As an independant tester, you may need to test a vast array of different types of equipment in order to make a living at it, and you would need to know about each one as performing the wrong test could destroy it, or not test it thoroughly enough.

Just a few thoughts to consider.
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Re: is there money to be made at this very sorry to be blunt

Postby andye » Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:42 am

Things and times are a changing due to the current economical climate at one stage I refused to do PAT as there was no value in it and reluctantly got involved as I did small electrical repairs for a couple of letting agents who used dedicated PAT businesses but I had private landlords who wanted a couple of jobs done plus PAT or forget it so I bit the bullet and tooled up and I find that it compliments my business and it has repaid my investment in 9 months but will I ever make a living out of it ? Not on your Nelly so if you are thinking of getting into it you could not have picked a worse time and I hate to be downbeat but in my view it will get worse for people who only do PAT. I think they call this Darwins Law where only the companies that supply a good package will survive
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