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Test data - what to do with it?

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Test data - what to do with it?

Postby jonathan » Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:50 am


I have PatGuard Lite at home and access to PatGuard Elite 1.0 at the office (which belongs to the company I work for). As I will be primarily performing in-house testing I would like to import my test results for the company into their PatGuard Elite package; this currently resides on a server some 70 miles away from where I am based, I can access the program through remote desktop but obviously I cannot hook up directly to the computer for data download.

From my PrimeTest 350 I can download to a local computer using the DataTransfer program, though I suspect only as ASCII, when I have tried to download as any of the other formats the data looks corrupt (in ASCII anyway), so I have a few questions...

Do these proprietary formats (SSS etc) only work when downloading directly to PatGuard Elite (not through the DataTransfer program)?

If it is possible to use the DataTransfer program to download any of the file formats other than ASCII, how should I do that and what should the captured file be called for later import to PatGuard Elite?

I have also used a PrimeTest 250 and recorded the results manually in a book, if I want to enter these into PatGuard Elite can I enter them in a spreadsheet first and import that (what file format?) or do they have to be entered manually into PatGuard Elite one at a time.

I am assuming PatGuard Lite has no import capabilities of any kind, is that correct? Manual data entry one record at a time only? Is there any data export facility in PatGuard Lite in case I want to transfer those records to PatGuard Elite?

Thank you for your help. :)
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