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AWOL - Telephone support

PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:30 am
by PATconstructive
Apparently telephone support for software (and presumably hardware too?) is no longer available from Seaward. This is a major game changer and will seriously affect purchasing decisions in future. I hope Seaward see sense and rectify this error pronto...! The web support feedback form just told me I should receive a reply within 48 hours... lets wait and see.

Re: AWOL - Telephone support

PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:36 pm
by Jim Wallace
Hello PATconstructive

We have restructured the free support service that we offer at Seaward. We receive a large number of incoming enquiries every day on very wide range of subjects - everything from "how do I switch it on" to requests for detailed application problems with a particular type of test or appliance. We have restructured the system to ensure that we can offer professional advice to all those who need our support and assistance

Some enquiries take a matter of minutes to address, others require either more detailed explanation or some research by our support staff which can several hours to resolve - and that is always our objective - to fully resolve the problem. With the previous telelphone based system it was not uncommon for a member of our support team to spend in excess of one hour talking a customer through a problem.

All of our support staff are qualified engineers with a broad experience of our products, their applications, legislation and regulations relating to our industry and I take great pride in the quality of support my team are able to offer. Our new web based system allows them to provide an appropriate level of detail and do this in a written format which the customer then has for future reference.

The service we provide is unique in our industry and its completely free in a world were the norm is to charge for support contracts which offer limited advice on a limited number of subjects. A telephone support system is a great vehicle for servicing straightforward problems which have an instant solution or when problems are best resolved by real time discussion and when this is the case we will use the telephone to support our customers.

I know that you have used our free support service on many occasions and I can assure you that your enquiry will be dealt with within the specified time.

Re: AWOL - Telephone support

PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:23 pm
by PATconstructive
Thanks for your reply Jim. I'm sure your intentions are probably meant to be purposeful however, in practice this system is totally impractical for someone like me. Today after a long drawn out situation to get our IT people to upgrade PATGuard software on one of our networked PC's a multitude of issues regarding PC software license validation problems and relevant administration permissions of the machine it is loaded on came to pass. Eventually we got the thing working using trial and error methods. More IT resource time spent upgrading PATGuard Elite 2 than any other software we use in the company. When I now come to use the software I find that simple functions which worked on the lesser version no longer function correctly on the all singing all dancing version.

For the next few days I will now be out on site doing scheduled PAT testing. I probably won't be able to take any of your support calls (if my issue is deemed worthy enough to respond by telephone calling). I also won't be anywhere near the PC in question to be able to answer any of the queries or try out any suggestions your support team might have. Having "upgraded" I find I can now not produce reports relating to days of recent tests carried out on site.

It seems weird that you as a company have time to respond a forum post but no-one has time to call me to respond to a genuine request for support for your products. Maybe your company has wrongly prioritised where its resources are focused?

Re: AWOL - Telephone support

PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:42 pm
by Jim Wallace

I'm sorry to hear that you are having difficulties producing the required reports after upgrading PATGuard. I can't comment on the specific features (or lack of them) that you refer to as I don't know the details but when we contact you to sort the problem my colleague will take the full details and we will address your comments.

I understand that you will be off site, in which case the most appropriate method to deal with your enquiry is by telephone when you are back in the office and in front of the PC in question.

I could understand and accept your comment regarding time spent on this forum rather than focus on repsonding to your problem had I diverted resource from our support team to do so but I can assure you that this is not the case.

I can assure you we will provide the support and assistance that you have requested and within the promised timescale.