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Kettle Leads

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:43 am
by Nobbyg
Ladies & Gents

Hopefully I can draw on your greater experience re Kettle Leads.

Specifically 0.75mm 2. The IEE bible states that this cable is rated at 6A. I am coming across more & more kettles of 2.0 & 2.2Kw fitted with this cable which equates to 10A.

Are these an automatic failure or is there some legislation I have missed?


Re: Kettle Leads

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:52 pm
by Grizzly
Hi Nobbyg,

BS EN 60950 allows for 0.75mm^2 conductor sizes for use on equipment with rated current "over 6A up to and including 10A", but only when it...
... applies to DETACHABLE POWER SUPPLY CORDS fitted with the connectors rated 10 A
in accordance with IEC 60320 (types C13, C15, C15A and C17) provided that the length of the cord does
not exceed 2 m.

BS EN 60950-1:2006, Table 3B - Sizes of conductors, page 127.

Hope that helps, although I'm not sure how much the 'Specification for safety of information technology equipment including electrical business equipment' applies to kettles :?