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Data Download

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Data Download

Postby martj76 » Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:27 pm

Hi All

I was told prior to purchasing my Europa Plus (by a lady at Seaward) that I can download the data to a csv and I didn't need to purchase any software. I've set everything up and connected via serial port, set the down load and it appears to be trasfering data...but to where? I've searched and can't find anything so I can only assume it blindly transfers when asked to do so.

Please could someone provide some extra info on how to do a basic transfer. I don't need fancy reports, just a simple list of what's been tested and when. I'm assuming the list can then be uploaded again later?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Data Download

Postby Jim Wallace » Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:29 am

Hi Mart

You need to have a suitable program running on your PC to recieve the downloaded data otherwise it isn't going anywhere - the Europa will send it but there must be something on the other end to capture it. You can use a program called HyperTerminal (it comes with Windows) to capture the data.

When using Hyperterminal you need to make sure you are configured to revieve data from the serial port that the Europa is connected to (for example COM1) and also check that the port settings are the same at both ends i.e. baud rate etc. If everything is configured and connected correctly you will see the results appear in real time on screen as the data is downloaded. If you want to store the data you can highlight it and cut and paste to a file. If there is a lot of data it is easier to download directly to file - HyperTerminal can do this.

HyperTerminal or other basic terminal emulators do not allow data to be uploaded in a Europa Plus - PATGaurd is the only program that supports upload.
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Jim Wallace
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