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Testing IEC leads

PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:01 pm
by viper
Hi All

i am doing a lot of testing on IEC lead and i am somewhat confused as to the table in the IEE code (page 124).I have a 1meter IEC lead with a csa of 0.75mm and a fuse rating of 10A. Is this a fail or pass as the IEE table notes for a lead with a csa of 0.75mm the max fuse is 6A.According to the table for a 10A fuse rating the csa should be 1.00mm

Re: Testing IEC leads

PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:42 pm
by Grizzly
It certainly looks that way in the IEE CoP, but alternatively:

BS EN 60950-1:2006 Information technology equipment — Safety — Part 1: General requirements
Table 3B - Sizes of conductors

states that 0.75mm^2 can be used, fitted with the connectors rated 10 A (and hence fused upto 10A)
in accordance with IEC 60320 (types C13, C15, C15A and C17) provided that the length of the cord does
not exceed 2 m. This applies only to detachable power supply cords.

So it seems, according to that standard (which all PAT testers should have heard of), an IEC C13 lead, with 0.75mm^2 cable, can be fused at 10A, providing it's no longer than 2m.

Re: Testing IEC leads

PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:40 pm
by safe + sound
The whole issue is further confused by CoP section15.14, page 82 which advises standardising the fuse size to 3A and 13A unless otherwise recomended by the manufacturer.
6 amps for 0.75mm is a continuous rating and it's ok to have a higher fuse value to allow for short term starting or inrush currents.